If you want to know more about KeyboardFuel specifically — check out the Mission Statement. To summarize, it is a bit of a dumping ground for thoughts, code, and anything I may find interesting.

If you want to know more about me — I’m a dad, iOS developer, gamer, and aspiring game maker. I started making iOS apps in 2010, and joined a company in 2011 where I made around a dozen enterprise apps for external clients. I joined Trove in 2014, and currently work there as a principal iOS architect.

I’m passionate about making interesting things, and building them to last. I strongly believe in creating structures that facilitate others to write better code, and that reduce as much cognitive overhead as possible when considering where to put specific lines of code. I think it’s a software architect’s job to make everyone else more productive, and to make their lives a little easier.

Outside of iOS, I’m trying to learn how to make games when I can spare some time. I’m really into the idea of financial independence, self improvement, and keeping a healthy work-life balance.

— Brandon King