KeyboardFuel’s mission is to provide a look into all aspects of the life of a mobile developer — to inspire others and provide information or insight drawn from my experiences in the professional world.

There will be posts aimed at making others better iOS developers. There will be posts that are total opinion pieces on different facets of life as a professional programmer. There will be posts about solving specific programming issues. There will be posts documenting the journey from aspiring game developer to releasing a game to the public. There will be posts that serve seemingly no other purpose than to get something off my chest.

There will not be posts on a regular schedule, and there will often be long periods between posts. Aging posts containing code will likely eventually become outdated with no intention of being updated to the latest technology or language version.

In Other Words

Let’s get real… every once in a while [read: rarely] I have something to say, and I wanted somewhere to write it down. I also wanted somewhere to host information about projects I’m working on, and to give a little information about myself. I’ve made a couple other sites before, but in the past I was too ambitious about what the site might become, or had an unrealistic goal for how often I would post. This time around I’m calling it out right away that I really will not be posting often, and I don’t want to set any expectations of posting regularly.

I made this site because I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting a low-key home for the rare idea I want to share, or to show people the things I’ve worked on. I’ve removed as many obstacles as possible between having an idea and publishing a post by hosting with WordPress instead of the custom solutions I’ve made in the past. A year from now there might only be three posts on this site, and I’m okay with that this time around.

I felt it was important to set these expectations for myself, for my own benefit and comfort. I know nobody cares how often I post, but there is still a part of me that would stress about not writing often enough.